Materials written/arranged by Elizabeth Stuen-Walker

Currently these materials are published and available through local resources and Shar Products

Published by Latham Music a division of Ludwig Masters


Published by Alfred Publishing


Ensembles for Viola Volumes 1 and 2
Duets for Suzuki Viola and Violin from Suzuki Volumes 1-3


Violas In Concert Volumes 1, 2 and 3

ViolasInConcertViolas In Concert Volume 1 arranged by E. Stuen-Walker
Chorale: All Glory, Laud and Honor 4-part Bach
Humoresque/Swanee River Duet 2 part Dvorak
Gavotte from French Suite 3 part Bach
Praludium 4 part Shostakovich
Sunday on the Rhine 5 part Schumann
Allegro from Sonate No. 1 3 part Corelli
Purple Rhapsody 3 part Stuen-Walker

Violas In Concert Volume 2 arranged by E. Stuen-Walker
Chorale: Praise God, Ye Christians, 4 part Bach
Tambourin 3 part d’Hervelois
Adagio from 2nd Concerto 4 part Seitz
Irish Melody 3 part O’Carolan
Country Dance No. 1 3 part Beethoven
Bagatelles 5 part Dvorak
Violetta Terzetto 3 part Stuen-Walker

Violas In Concert Volume 3 arranged by E. Stuen-Walker
Chorale: Jesu, Meine Freude 5 part Bach
Hymn Tune from Jupiter 4 part Holst
Entrance to the Queen of Sheba 5 part Handel
Black Is The Color 4 part Traditional
Gavottes from English Suite III 2 part Bach
Le Coucou 2 part Daquin
Golliwogg’s Cakewalk 4 part Debussy